This is page two of the Williston Florida property for sale with owner financing.


Owner financing with $10K down @ 6 percent interest, up to 15 years.

All of the pictures on this page were taken in October 2008.

Another shot of the interior of the property taken Oct 2008

Interior shot of the property.

Another shot looking east along the county highway from Oct 2008

Facing east in the above picture, the property lies at the top of a small rise on the left side of the road. 

Interior shot Oct 2008

Interior shot of property.

This one is looking south on 135th back towards CR102. Oct 2008. Property is on the left.

Looking south on NE 135th Terrace, the property is on the left side and extends all the way down to the highway.

Looking west along the CR102 frontage of the property Oct 2008

The picture above is looking towards the west with the property on the right.

The property lies at the peak of a small hill on the highway.  High and dry.

Owner financing available with $10K down.

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